Middle Tennessee Pomskies

About Us

Our families are big animal advocates and began our Pomsky adventure together in 2013.  Since then we have enjoyed spreading our Pomsky love with over 800 happy families!  It is hard to let these adorable puppies go, so we have developed the VIP (Very Important Pomsky) page, where our Pomsky families can stay in contact with us and always have a trusted Pomsky network that they can turn to.

Our buyers can safely buy a pomsky knowing that it was DNA verified and that their breeder was maintaining the highest standards for their dogs and puppies.


Our Dams are gorgeous Siberian Huskies and locally bred Pomsky females.  Click the button below to scroll through pictures and names of our Dams.


Our sires are adorable purebred Pomeranians and locally bred Pomsky males. Click on the button below to scroll through pictures and names of our Sires

Pomsky Puppies

We have provided over 400 Pomskies to happy families all through out the United States. Click on the button below to see updates on our future litters and available puppies.

Facebook Updates

 Check out our new Facebook Live updates tab! Up to date information on our newest litters, contests, and “give aways”