“Sweets for my sweet”

Here is Frank playing with his new treat toy. He’s been at it for 30 minutes and still working on it the toy has refillable treats that you can buy.


Braveheart also has a new chew toy.

If you haven’t thought about buying your dog one of those toys that you can put treats in, please consider it in the new year. Frank has one that came with him from his previous home, and it’s the perfect size for Alpo treats. There’s a hole in each end of the bone, and I put a treat in each end. He will play with this for 45 minutes or more, trying to get the treat out of both ends. If I just give him the treat, it’s gone in five seconds. And it’s so much fun watching him dig it out!



Frank is home…

Meet Frank. Frank is a 32 lb Pomsky, and he is Spike's brother. He had to be rehomed because the owners were moving, so I drove to Atlanta last night, and I picked him up this morning. "Where are we going?" He rode very well in the car for 8 hours today, passed a vet...

Fun with Frank: Nov 29, 2018

Fun with Frank: Nov 29, 2018

Fun with Frank: Nov 29, 2018 So this is my first big post about Frank since I got him two weeks ago. We've had two weeks to adjust to each other and get to know each other's ins and outs. Life is very different with Frank than it was with Spike, and you may not have...

Meet the Family!

Meet the Family!

The Peterson and Smith family have always been big animal advocates. We began our Pomsky adventure together in 2013.  Since then we have enjoyed spreading our Pomsky love with over 300 happy families!  It is hard to let these adorable puppies go, so we developed the...